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Press Release 01/08/2018 Announcement of Autism Acceptance

For Immediate Release 01/02018

Press Release: 01/08/2018

Autism Acceptance Press Release

Press Release 01/08/2018 Announcement of Autism Acceptance

For Immediate Release 01/08/2018

Press Release: 01/08/2018

KC International would like to announce their new venture. KC International is creating services for children and adults diagnoses with Autism Spectrum Disorder. KCI will also create services for parents, students, teachers, and autism specialists like ABA providers. KCI will also participate in funding raising opportunities by selling Autism Acceptance branded shirts, hats, wristbands, book markers, and etc.

KCI is in the process of creating Autism Acceptance school lesson plan kits for teachers. The kit is designed to help schools and teachers educate their students about Autism and Autism Acceptance. It is not to just be aware, but accepted. The materials have been designed for grade specific learning.

KCI is also creating educational materials for the community and community leaders. Again it is not about just being aware, it is about Autism Acceptance. KCI mission is to create a movement across the country regarding Autism Acceptance.

When people, not diagnosed with ASD, hear ASD, it paints a picture of an individual with a mental imbalance, not controllable, has tantrums, and not verbal. The movie Rainman comes to mind. After the caregiver hears their child has ASD this creates immense fear, confusion, depression, and etc.

Currently the community emphasizes this message and it is not helpful to anyone. The reality is, it is not a position of hopelessness.

Caring for a child diagnosed with ASD can have its challenges. There are programs, support groups, behavior techniques, medications, ASD experts, teachers, special education resources, and etc. It is not hopeless. KCI promotes public Autism Acceptance of ASD and developmental disabilities. We provide educational services namely programs, classes, and workshops for parents, schools, community, and law enforcement. We develop lesson plans for schools to provide Autism Acceptance education. We also provide the sales of Autism Acceptance products as a means to provide our materials and services to the community and across the USA and abroad.

Currently KCI is designing their site.

If you need more information please contact:

Kemper Martin